The Foundation of the Group

The Group was born from the experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Valle family that has been handing down the art of custom-made furniture with passion for three generations.

The path of constant growth, still tied to its own tradition and territory, evolves rapidly thanks to the great craftsmanship and the continuous search for materials of the highest quality.

A solid philosophy that has allowed the Group to establish itself on the international market, gaining wide recognition in the supply of furniture for homes, accommodation facilities and commercial offices.

The History

In the mid-80s the company moved to Monte Urano in the province of Fermo, a place recognised worldwide as a center of quality and craftsmanship Made in Italy. After the growth occurred on the domestic market, at the beginning of the 90's the company, aware of its strength, expands and to move towards foreign markets obtaining the first great successes in the United Kingdom and in particular in the demanding London area.

The company, strengthened by the results obtained from its high quality standards, immediately understood the potential of international markets and decided to invest in an intense research and development activity that enriched Simar Arredamenti with cutting-edge technologies and new knowledge that allowed the company to achieve results of absolute excellence in the creation of original and unique furniture.

The great attention paid to the service, to the punctuality of deliveries and to the integrity of the values and human relationships between the company and its customers, have allowed a rapid expansion into other markets of great value: European Union, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The desire to maintain and respect its tradition of all-Italian quality and craftsmanship combined with professionalism and the ability to anticipate the most particular demands of global markets, Simar has grown into an important Italian Group in continuous expansion, now specialising in different business areas:

» Simar Arredamenti - Production of quality, made-to-measure furniture ranging from homes, offices and commercial premises to accommodation facilities.

» S[i]mart- We develop innovative and technologically advanced projects through the use of our Artificial Intelligence.

» Simar Investment Group - A company project dedicated to the specific sector of "ecobonus", for which a synergistic complex of specialised partners was created in order to structure this operational option in the best possible way.

» Simar Tech Lab - It is the place where all initiatives come to life: from production lines to project management, through 360° customer care for complete customisation of furniture.

» Research And Development - It constitutes one of the group's excellences and is made up of a team with over 25 years of experience in designing innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and new technologies.

» Green Economy - It is the Green Turning Point where sustainable architecture and design become an increasingly concrete reality in the design concept of architects and designers.

The Group is our Family

Simar has always paid particular attention to human relations, aware that the synergy, harmony and value of the members of the Group are a formula for success with which to achieve even greater goals.

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